Southwest Christian

-Gates will open 45 minutes prior to the first game.  We do ask that people wait till the entry side gate opens and not to cut through the exit if it's open.

-Everyone including umpires, coaches, players, parents will be screened with a temperature check upon entry to the field.  We have also posted our procedures on the fence prior to entering for everyone to see.  NO community water will be provided so players must bring their own. We do ask that parents social distance when they are able.  If a player is scanned they will not be permitted to enter.  We do ask that coaches have face masks when engaging in players and at home plate. 

-No SPIKES, seeds or gum will be allowed.  Molded or turfs only. Administrators have been instructed to enforce this. 

-The players will have access to the field only no cages will be open. 

-Restrooms will be available in our EAC which is located beyond right field. Masks are required inside the building.